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Repairing a Bracelet and a Watch

G. Jezarian was fantastic to work with. I couldn’t find anyone local (I’m in WI) to make the piece I wanted and found these guys online.

I was a little skeptical at first as I prefer to make these sorts of transactions in person. 

I wanted something unique that represented major events in our lives…kids & wedding anniversary. 

I sent them an email and mentioned the kids and that our anniversary was Mar. 17th.

He was very excited to talk about a custom design idea he had.  The whole process from design to the final product was very comfortable.  The shamrock with sapphires on each leaf was beautiful and my wife loved it!!  Greg really has a talent.

Since that piece, I have made other purchases from Greg and each one has been fantastic.  Greg has also gotten me out of a bind by being able to turn purchases around quickly…though I don’t recommend waiting until the last minute like I did.

I’ve never met Greg in person but every interaction I’ve had, he’s made it feel as though we’re old friends. You won’t get that, or the quality I might add, from the local mall.  I highly recommend Greg.  I won’t go anywhere else!! Continue reading

Problem with my watch

I looked on on the internet for a local watch repairer, but the only one I found didn’t answer the phone. 

I checked elsewhere on line for recommendations and settled on Landsberg Jewelers. 

I took my watch there and explained my problem. 

Their watch repairer took it to his bench while I waited.  I didn’t wait long.  What I had assumed was a malfunction was really me forgetting ’step-one‘ in setting it. 

The watch was returned to me within minutes along with an explanation of what I didn’t do that I should have done.  The watch is now working fine.
And there was NO CHARGE. Nice!  No attempt to make a mountai out of a mole hill. It couldn’t be a better experience. I go there to get appraisals on my jewelry. Continue reading